Results Liquid High Gloss Floor Finish - Off White, 15 Gallon Drum

Results Liquid High Gloss Floor Finish - Off White, 15 Gallon Drum

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  • Liquid High Gloss Floor Finish - Off White, Results 15 Gallon Drum
  • High Gloss Floor Finish
  • Metal interlocked acrylic polymer finish. Easy to apply and maintain. Will not powder or yellow. Self-sealing. Low maintenance. 16% solids.
  • RESULTS is an all systems formulation that dries to a bright, high-gloss finish. Its combination of advanced acrylic polymers, resins, and wax guarantees easy application and low maintenance requirement. 16% Solids.
  • Advantages
  • The quick drying, self-leveling characteristics of RESULTS are enhanced by its high resistance to scuffs and black heel marks.
  • The combination of the finest acrylic polymers, resins, and waxes available form a durable, non yellowing, non darkening, glossy finish.
  • Recommended for use on vinyl, vinyl composition, vinyl asbestos, asphalt tile, and linoleum. Also use on sealed floors of wood, concrete, terrazzo, and the so-called no wax-floors.
  • COVERAGE: 1500-2000 sq. ft. per gallon DRYING TIME: 20-30 minutes
  • Directions
  • Read the entire label before using this product.
  • 1. Completely strip old floor finish using Mop On or Re-Move Floor Finish Stripper.
  • 2. Remove stripping solution and rinse floor thoroughly (2 rinses recommended). Allow to dry.
  • 3. Using a clean applicator of choice, apply thin, uniform coat of Results Floor Finish. Allow each coat to dry thoroughly (normal conditions 20 to 30 minutes). 2 to 4 coats of finish are recommended.
  • 1. Dust mop or sweep floor.
  • 2. Damp mop or automatic scrub using Maintain Neutral pH Floor Cleaner.
  • 3. Traffic lanes may be recoated as necessary.
  • 4. Buff or burnish the floor as desired. The use of Luster Plus One Step Cleaner/Gloss Enhancer is recommended to condition the floor and extend the time between top scrub and recoating.
  • 1. Dust mop or sweep floor.
  • 2. Top scrub the floor using APC All Purpose Cleaner at a ratio of 1 to 20 (6 ounces/gallon). Use aggressive enough floor pad to remove the top layer of floor finish.
  • 3. Rinse the floor, making sure it is clean and free of residue. Apply 2 to 4 coats of Results Floor Finish as directed above.
  • Caution
  • Specifications
  • Physical Form: Opaque Liquid
  • Color: Off White
  • Scent: Slight Ammonia
  • Specific Gravity: 1.02
  • Density: 8.5 lbs. per gallon
  • pH As Is: 9.0 +- .3
  • Total Solids: 16%
  • Weight: 139.50 Pounds

  • Results Technical Data Sheet

  • Results Safety Data Sheet Warning- ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - Cancer and Reproductive Harm-