Dry Chlorinated Bleach Powder - White, 300 Pound Drum

Dry Chlorinated Bleach Powder - White, 300 Pound Drum

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  • Dry Chlorinated Bleach Powder - White, 300 Pounds Drum
  • Powdered Chlorine Bleach
  • Formulated to be more effective and more convenient than liquid bleaches. Whitens and brightens fabric.
  • Designed expressly to be more effective, more convenient than aII other bleaches.
  • For use on white and color fast cottons, linens, nylons, orlons, dacrons, and blends of these...any fabric safe with liquid chlorine bleach.
  • Advantages
  • Rapidly soluble, easy to measure and dispense.
  • Not as aggressive as hypochlorites - cloth lasts longer.
  • Has uniform bleaching action.
  • Negligible loss in strength on standing.
  • Less storage space required.
  • Contains no calcium so hard water residue will not form to interfere with laundry results.
  • Contains optical brighteners, water softeners.
  • Dry Chlorinated Bleach replaces Sodium Hypochlorite which is bulky, takes up a lot of storage space, loses strength on standing, presents hazards with spilling and splashing, and lacks uniformity of bleaching action.
  • Dry Chlorinated Bleach replaces Calcium Hypochlorite which reacts with hard water and/or soap to form precipitates that interfere with clothes washing, cleaning, rinsing.
  • Directions
  • Laundry - use three (3) to six (6) ounces of DRY CHLORINATED BLEACH per 100 pounds of wash. For best results pre-dissolve bleach in water before adding clothes or add bleach in a solution of hot water.
  • Stain removal - dissolve one ounce of DRY CHLORINATED BLEACH in one-half gallon of water. Soak stain for 10-15 minutes, rinse and wash with regular wash.
  • Do not use with silk, wool, acetate, or non-bleach fast colors. Test fabrics by cutting a small piece from seam and immersing in a solution of one (1) teaspoon of DRY CHLORINATED BLEACH. If fabric discolors it cannot be safely bleached.
  • Caution
  • May cause eye and skin irritation. Maybe harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Specifications
  • Physical Form: Powder
  • Color: White
  • Scent: Chlorine
  • Specific Gravity: 0.9654
  • Density: 60.19 lbs. per cubic ft.
  • pH 2%: 6.29
  • Active Alkalinity (theoretical): 18.469%
  • Total Alkalinity (theoretical): 39.02%
  • Weight: 310.90 Pounds

  • Dry Chlorinated Bleach Technical Data Sheet

  • Dry Chlorinated Bleach Safety Data Sheet

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