Green Time Glass Cleaner Concentrate  Liquid  - Water White, 4 Case

Green Time Glass Cleaner Concentrate Liquid - Water White, 4 Case

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  • Green Time Liquid Glass Cleaner Concentrate - Water White, 4 Case 37.10 Pounds
  • This environmentally preferred glass cleaner has been specially formulated with a unique blend of surfactants to quickly penetrate, emulsify and remove dirt quickly and easily. It cleans and polishes without scratching or streaking. Green Time Glass Cleaner Concentrate is the perfect product for glass, mirrors and many other hard surfaces.
  • Advantages
  • Environmentally Preferable.
  • Cleans, polishes and shines.
  • Will not streak or smear leaves no dirt-catching film.
  • Powerful - Unique surfactants provide superior cleaning performance.
  • Economical - Dilutable concentrate for low end-use cost.
  • Versatile - Cleans glass, windows, mirrors and other hard surfaces not harmed by water.
  • Environmental and Health Benefits
  • All ingredients are biodegradable
  • Dye and Fragrance Free
  • VOC Free
  • No Ammonia
  • No Alcohol
  • No Butyl, Glycol Ethers or other solvents
  • Directions
  • General Use Directions
  • Read the entire label before using this product.
  • General Glass and Hard Surface Cleaning:
  • Dilute with water at 64 to 1 (2 ounces/gallon). Spray glass cleaner in an even pattern, holding bottle 8 to 10 inches away from surface. Wipe dry with a clean, lint free cloth or paper towel. Turn cloth or towel frequently.
  • Large Areas:
  • Dilute with water at 64 to 1 (2 ounces/gallon) in bucket. Apply with a window brush or glass cleaner applicator. Squeegee dry.
  • Directions For Use With Dual Fill Dispenser
  • Turn green dilution control lever to the on position (up position) to achieve 64:1 dilution. See General Use Directions for proper product use.
  • See Dual Fill Dispensing System wall chart for complete operating instructions.
  • Caution
  • Specifications
  • Physical Form: Clear Liquid
  • Color: Water White
  • Scent: Fragrance Free
  • Residue: None
  • Solvents: None
  • pH Concentrate: 12.3
  • Density: 8.98 lbs. per gallon
  • Biodegradable: Yes
  • Weight: 37.10 Pounds

  • Glass Cleaner Concentrate Safety Data Sheet Warning- ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - Cancer and Reproductive Harm-