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Cleaning & Sanitizing Products for Office Buildings, Hospitals, and Industrial Facilities

  • Description
  • Monroe UltimateXB 12-Digit Print-Display Printing Calculator
  • 12-Digit Print-Display Genuine Monroe UltimateXB, Our Top-Of-The-Line Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator
  • Product Features:
  • 12-Digit Display/Print Heavy-Duty Body
  • Individual Keyswitch Technology Provides A Velvet Touch
  • 2-Color Ribbon Printing, 5 Lines Per Sec
  • (2) 4-Key Independent Memory
  • Edit And Reprint Capabilities
  • Percent, Backspace, Tax +/-
  • Auto Averaging, Auto Constants, Crossfooting
  • Item Count, Date/Non-Add, Timeclock, Conversions
  • Decimal Select, Rounding
  • Markup, 5 Tax Rates, Group/Grand Total, And More!
  • Lifetime Phone Support / 6-Month Limited Warranty
  • 9.5 inch x 15 inch x 3.7 inch, 5 lbs.
  • Paper: 2.25 inch X 150 inch MNEAR12225
  • Ribbon: P65M or M33X
  • Color: Black
  • Replaces Monroe Ultimate, Classic, And Pro Models

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