Subtle 4 Non-Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Liquid 55 Gallon Drum

Subtle 4 Non-Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Liquid 55 Gallon Drum

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  • Subtle 4 Non-Acid Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Blue, NABC 55 Gallon Drum
  • Acid-free, ready-to-use Disinfec-tant cleaner, deodorant for use on all hard, nonporous surfaces. Safer and more versatile than acid-based products.
  • Specifications
  • Weight: 495.10 Pounds
  • Advantages
  • Strong enough to kill bacteria on the inside of toilet bowls and urinals, yet mild enough to use on other bathroom surfaces such as sinks, tubs, tiles, counters, walls, partitions, fixtures.
  • Kills harmful bacteria (Salmonella Chloeraesuis, Staphyloccus Aureus and Trichophyton), along with odor-causing bacteria found in toilet bowls and urinals.
  • Contains no acids, caustics or abrasives. Will not etch porcelain or pit restroom fixtures.
  • Leaves afresh, pleasant fragrance.
  • Convenient, ready to use, no mixing required.
  • Safe to use-accidental spills on carpeting, baseboard splashes, clothing, etc., are easily rinsed away with no adverse effects.
  • Virucidal against: Influenza, Herpes, HIV-1 (AIDS virus)
  • Caution
  • Causes moderate eye Irritation. Harmful If swallowed or absorbed through skin. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, using tobacco or using the toilet. PHYSICAL OR CHEMICAL HAZARDS Do not use or store near heat or open flame. Do not mix with oxidizers, anionic soaps and detergents. Keep out of reach of children. Warning- ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - Cancer and Reproductive Harm-