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Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder High Temperature 25# Box

  • Item No.: 30162-0000025
  • Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemicals
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  • Description
  • High Temperature Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder - Lemon Scent, White 25# Box
  • Dishwashing Powdered Detergent
  • Chlorinated to keep coffee, tea, and lipstick stains from depositing on china and plastic dinnerware. Prevents mineral build up.
  • Powdered machine dishwash detergent. Chlorinated to keep coffee, tea, and lipstick stains from depositing on china and plastic dinnerware.


  • Specially formulated. Keeps lime, magnesium, and iron precipitates in solution. Prevents water hardness from forming a film on glasses, dishes, silver
  • Consists entirely of the very best wetting, penetrating, dispersing, cleaning, and free rinsing agents.
  • Can be use on all types of machines.
  • Contains a corrosion inhibitor to protect the machine.
  • No spotting, no foam, complete cleaning.
  • Will not harm anything that can be washed and rinsed in hot water. Safe on all dishes, glassware, and silver.


To help you get the same good results that others enjoy:

  • 1. Pre-rinse dishes, glassware and silver.
  • 2. Rack dishes carefully so the water can do its work.
  • 3. Use 140 to 160 F wash water.
  • 4. Use 180 F minimum rinse water.
  • 5. Start machine with Vacup CHLORINATED DISH for every 16 gallons of water in wash tank.
  • 6. When operating a manual control, add a teaspoonful of CHLORINATED DISH every fourth rack of dishes, glassware or silver.


  • DANGER: May burn skin and eyes. Harmful if swallowed. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Physical Form: Powder
  • Color: White
  • Scent: Lemon
  • Specific Gravity: .88
  • Density: 54.67 lbs. per gallon
  • pH 2%: 9.45
  • Active Alkalinity: 6.965%
  • Total Alkalinity: 28.196%
  • Weight: 25.80 Pounds

Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder Technical Data Sheet

Machine Dishwash Chlorinated Powder Safety Data Sheet

www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Warning- ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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