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Stripper 410 Engine and Parts Cleaner - 300# Drum

  • Item No.: 20505-0000300
  • Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
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  • Description
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  • Stripper 410 Engine and Parts Cleaner - 300 Pound Drum
  • Hot Tank Dip & Recirculating Detergent For Aluminum
  • For hot vat or recirculating spray unit cleaning of alternators, carburetors, transmission casings, starters. For removal of grease, oil, paint, light rust, and dirt from aluminum, zinc, alloys, cast and Babbitt metal.


  • Contains rust inhibitor.
  • Solution is not flammable. No flash point.
  • Contains no solvent.
  • Speeds repair work time by providing maximum cleaning.
  • Lowfoam wash compound.
  • No fumes.


  • HOT VATS: Use % to 2 pounds of detergent (depending on soil load) per gallon of water (60-250 g/liter). Heat to 1800- 2100 F (820- 990 C). Follow equipment manufacturer's instructions.
  • SPRAY WASH: Preheat water to 1400- 1500 F (600- 660 C). Circulate water and 1/4 to 1 pounds of detergent per gallon of water (30-125 g/Iiter). Raise temperature to 1600-1800F (710-820C) to operate. Consult equipment manufacturer's instructions for proper operation. Rinse cleaned parts thoroughly with hot water.


  • Physical Form Powder
  • Color White
  • Scent Pine
  • Specific Gravity .970
  • Density 60.53 lbs. per cubic ft.
  • Active Alkalinity 21.227%
  • Weight 312.30 pounds

Stripper 410 Technical Data Sheet

Stripper 410 Safety Data Sheet

www.P65Warnings.ca.gov Warning- ATTENTION CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS - Cancer and Reproductive Harm-

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