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AD2000 Industrial Strength Degreaser-Glycol Ether Scent 15 Gallon Drum

  • Item No.: 21324-0002015
  • Manufacturer: Warsaw Chemical
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  • Description
  • Butyl-based degreaser
  • Use in auto scrubbers and power washers
  • Can be used to strip floor finish
  • Works well on heavy, thick grease and lithium grease
  • This product is hazardous and can only be shipped to a business address and can not be delivered to a residential address.
  • This item qualifies for Free Nationwide Shipping.
  • Liquid Industrial Strength Degreaser - Glycol Ether Scent, Yellow, AD2000 15 Gallon Drum
  • Industrial Strength Degreaser
  • Super concentrated, butyl-based degreaser. Formulated to penetrate and remove heavy industrial grease. 25.58% total activity.
  • Super Concentrated, high alkaline, butyl-based liquid degreaser. A perfectly balanced cleaner degreaser. Superior Solvency. Superior Detergency. Formulated to work where others fail.


  • Quickly removes heavy accumulations of grease, oil, and dirt. Does not harm fine machine parts.
  • Reduces cleaning time. Makes tough cleaning jobs easier.
  • Highly concentrated - 1 part AD2000 with 60 parts water is still an effective cleaner for steam cleaning, floor scrubbing, and light spray cleaning.
  • Completely water soluble. Rinses quickly.
  • No phosphates. Non flammable.


  • Quickly removes heavy accumulations of grease, oil, dirt. Effective on rubber scuff marks, marking pen ink, crayons, etc. Apply by spraying, wiping, brushing or dipping.
  • Motors, machinery, trucks, whitewall tires, concrete, ovens, hoods, fans 1 to 4
  • Walls, floors, cabinets, boats, appliances, vinyl leatherette, carpet and upholstery spotting, woodwork, porcelain, plastic and ceramic tile, patio furniture, barbecue utensils, painted aluminum siding 1 to 10
  • Wax stripping, linoleum, asphalt, tile floors, rubber, cork, terrazzo 1 to 20
  • Steam cleaning, floor scrubbing, pressure washing 1 to 60
  • Cannot be used on all surfaces that can be washed with water. If you are in doubt, try on a small area in an inconspicuous spot before proceeding. Undiluted may remove paint, varnish, etch aluminum, magnesium and brass. Do not allow to dry on glass


  • May be harmful or fatal if swallowed. May cause burns to eyes and skin. Keep out of reach of children.


  • Physical Form: Clear Liquid
  • Color: Yellow
  • Scent: Glycol Ether
  • Specific Gravity: 1.070
  • Density: 8.90 lbs. per gallon
  • Foam test 1% solution: initial - 115mm, 5 minutes - 70mm
  • pH 2%: 11.4
  • Active Alkalinity: 3.67%
  • Total Alkalinity: 3.83%
  • Total Solids: 15%
  • Total Activity: 25.58%
  • Weight: 140.20 Pounds

AD2000 Technical Data Sheet

AD2000 Safety Data Sheet

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