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Problem-Solving Features:
With its unique problem-solving features the TI-15 Explorer provides enhanced problem-solving capabilities without immediately providing answers. Within the problem-solving mode students can choose to let the calculator provide a problem enter their own problem guess the solution review the hints the calculator provided to check their guess then guess again. Students can also choose between three levels of difficulty four operations find the operation or explore inequalities. Students are given up to three hints before the calculator provides them with an answer.

Two-Line Display and More:

The TI-15's two-line display shows up to two entries and results at the same time. With the two-line display students can see their entire problem and answer complete with operation symbols. The scrolling display and previous entry features let students review past entries and results so they can look for patterns or errors which are the basis for learning mathematics.The calculator has the power-packed fraction capabilities of the Math Explorer enhanced with the ability to display fractions in a stacked format. Students can choose to display results as fractions or mixed numbers and can simplify fractions to lowest terms either automatically or step-by-step.The TI-15 Explorer also has two constant operations with counters to help develop concepts of addition subtraction multiplication division powers and units-of-measure. Users can choose to show or hide the constant to learn these concepts as well as build tables with the calculator.In addition the TI-15 Explorer expresses division results in three different ways: as quotients and remainders fractions or decimals. This capability can help students understand the link between the three types of results. Students can also determine the place value of a digit in thousands hundreds tens ones and even tenths hundredths and thousandths

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